That was the fallout, such

That was the fallout, such as there was any fallout. If the report was true, then the Sox were seen as petty and stupid in refusing to deal with a trade partner loaded with young positional talent under years of cheap salary control. The Sox are in desperate need of major league quality youth, but they won’t deal with the team that cornered the market on it?… read more »

I need recommendations

I need recommendations for an ADSL Modem or an ADSL Modem+Router combo unit. If I have to, I would consider a quality gigabit wireless router but it has to be a good deal. Most importantly, I want something that works without any hitches, snags, etc.

And there’s the rub: the words “generally” and “at this time.” Under current law, stated in an FDA “guidance” paper titled “Coverage of Personal Importations,” the importation or interstate shipment of unapproved new drugs is prohibited.… read more »