(The UAH biology

(The UAH biology department is as Insane Left as they come; check out some of the incredibly juvenile articles and cartoons attacking conservatives posted on their office doors). The Jonathan Gruber revelations are the real smoking gun and huge news that WHNT ignores entirely. If WHNT wants to enter the realm of non local news then it should do so with integrity.… read more »

This was almost

This was almost the used car dealer’s proverbial claim of it being owned by a little old lady who only drove to church on Sunday. But Galloway wanted what Aunt Ruth wanted a new 1935 Plymouth Coupe with a rumble seat, and so a year later the restoration project began to make this car exactly as it would have looked being driven off the showroom floor.… read more »

Dear Heloise:

Dear Heloise: My father was smoking a lot. His doctor told him to quit. He threw away the cigarettes, only to “bum” one from a friend. Kept alive by nearly two centuries of chewing carnivores, the New York City steakhouse defiantly broils on. Classic steakhouses, like Peter Luger and Keens, enjoy a certain amount of stability not common in the current dining climate, where even the most exciting chef driven small plates tasting counters last about as long as the Edison bulbs that light their communal bathroom foyers.… read more »

Because all windows

Because all windows are not exactly the same dimensions and grab go blinds have to fit windows in certain size ranges, grab and go window coverings do not fit as well as a custom made blind or shade. The widths of a grab and go window blind must be shorter to accommodate as many windows as possible (this usually causes a light gap, or reveal, at the sides of the blind or shade).… read more »

Saving money on

Saving money on inexpensive wedding venues in Arizona is a great option to help relieve some of the stress that comes with getting married and planning a wedding. Deciding on a place to have the wedding and reception is a big part of planning a wedding and deciding how the day or night will unfold.… read more »