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In SEC filings, Haggar reported employing 4,300 workers in America in 1996. That number dropped to just 2,600 in 1997 while the company maintained 1,700 workers overseas in both years. By 1998, 1,667 laid off Haggar employees had been certified for NAFTA retraining programs for workers who lost their jobs to outsourcing or foreign imports the most of any company in Texas, according to The Dallas Morning News..… read more »


Solutions: Run the furnace blower continuously: Heating and cooling professionals recommend homeowners switch their thermostat fan to the ‘On’ position to allow the blower on the furnace to run continuously, which better circulates air throughout the house. First, though, make sure your air filter is clean. Adjusting the vents can also help redirect the forced air to the places it’s needed..… read more »

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Insurance, we pay for their opioids, their Vicodins, whatever hardcore pharmaceutical they want, Irwin said. When it comes to medical marijuana, they have to pay out of pocket. When you add a tax to that, it gets pretty outrageous. I say we should be so lucky. Gentrification, a fancy word for raising property values and the quality of neighborhoods, is a good thing, not a bad thing.… read more »