This debate has rumbled along since, eight years ago, the previous chairman, Giles Clarke, scuppered an attempt at something similar dreamt up by a breakaway group that included two or three influential county chairmen and the then CEO of the MCC, Keith Bradshaw. Almost everyone has had their say and it is high time to act.… read more »

Chopticon Braves

It was definitely cold at night, due to the altitude and we were thankful we had rented mummy type sleeping bags and air mattresses. Mornings always began with a from a porter as he brought tea and a warm washing bowl. And hike for about seven hours with lots of going up steep ancient stone steps.… read more »

satellites which are launched

Webber is talking about nanosats, small communications satellites which are launched into low earth orbit as close as 93 miles. They’re intended to be launched in small groups referred to as constellations. The goal is to always have a satellite orbiting over an area where soldiers are deployed.

Duct tape also serves many purposes, including fire starting as it burns very well.… read more »


Once you’ve filled your stomach the Fayette Historic State Park in Garden is just about 40 minutes away. They offer a much different experience, taking you back in time to the town of Fayette founded in 1869 by the Jackson Iron Company for smelting Iron. The park opens up Fayette’s original building for guest to explore and learn..… read more »

james bond author ian fleming ‘copied 007 character from female writer’

The season could not have started much worse for McCoy, whose team has been on a steady decline since its 2013 playoff appearance.2. Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills: His beloved defense seemed much improved, Wholesale Soccer Jerseys even without suspended Marcell Dareus, while holding the Baltimore Ravens to 13 points.NFL Jerseys Cheap Unfortunately for Ryan, he’s responsible for the entire basket of buffalo wings at a time when he probably needs to lead the franchise to its first playoff berth of the 21st century to keep his job.USA TODAYNFL Week 1 awards: Carson Wentz shines in debut3.… read more »