Large scale deforestation for timber and subsequent commercial oil palm cultivation was a major threat, at least in 1990s (Sharpe 1999). New legislation and the transfer of land rights to local communities has been exploited by large businesses, for whom it has become cheap and easy to buy land (Bowen Jones et al.… read more »

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Make sure to do this on the driveway or in the road. You don want to accidentally cause any damage to anyone property. Grab the flowers and stand next to, or behind, the candles. He heard it on the radio on his way to Monday’s game.”I was listening to that song on my way to the field today,” Hudson said.… read more »

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It is important to keep in mind that buying used products comes with some hazards. There’s always a chance that you’ll get a bad deal and wind up with a piece of junk that you’re now stuck with. Make sure you do your research and try to do some sleuthing to be certain you don’t get ripped off.… read more »

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Toppings are 50 cents each. Burgers are 4 ounce patties that can be doubled or tripled for $1 extra (create a 12 ounce burger for $3). Invite friends to share meals with you. It’s a lot cheaper to prepare a meal for a few friends than it is to go to a pub.… read more »

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Lead in water and paint are some of the top health threats in homes. Older houses like many in the historic Riverside neighborhood are at a much greater risk. The biggest threats are damaging winds, hail, an isolated tornado and flooding rain.The threat for severe weather has increased across our area.… read more »