Her current news program, Happening Now

is your basic “fair and balanced” two hour midday nationwide news show, running on weekdays from 11AM 12PM and 1 2PM. Her professionalism has kept me watching the show there really is no bias, unlike most Fox programming that leans to the right, something I don’t care for. Nor do I care for a leftist opinion.… read more »

That’s going to put the NFL in an awkward position

The league is negotiating with its players’ union over a new labor contract. It is arguing that its economics are in turmoil, and it’s kind of hard to make that argument if you’re getting paid $2 billion a year for the rights to one game a week..

His pre snap decisions are impeccable, allowing him to get the ball out with lightning quickness.… read more »

Living a Life without Fear | Live without Fear

Go after what you really want with courage — and without stepping on anyone’s toes in the process.

It’s rare to come across a person who lives according to his own rules, without taking heed of other people’s feelings and how his actions affect others. In one way or another, everyone goes through life living according to the so-called standards of the people who matter to them.… read more »