Angel Diva

I have more than 20 years experience in healing, running workshops and meditation. I have also gathered a great deal of experience abroad.

In the last 10 years, I have focused mainly on connecting with angels. I am also the first person in Slovenia to have started running this kind of workshops.
I have written 4 books and have authored several angel cards and meditation CDs as well. I also find great joy in making angel essences.
I regularly run meditations, give lectures and run various workshops.
I have established the ANGEL ACADEMY OF AWAKENING® as well as a special healing technique that I received from the angels, called Angel Touch of Awakening®.

Many people have completed my trainings and run successful therapies and courses.
I have appeared on several TV and radio stations in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

I recommend connecting with angels to everyone, who wishes to improve their health, partnership, who wishes to learn, how to communicate with angels and to listen to their inner voice. The angels will help you to a successful, happy and satisfied life here and now!
There is an increasing interest in angels in the world, linked to the ever greater distress people are finding themselves in.

Angels let you know that someone else is also there for you, that you can lean on something and that you are not alone in ever more frequent critical moments.
It is important and beneficial to be aware of the fact that everyone has their own guardian angel. In various stages of life, various angels and archangels are there for us as well.

Mnenja svetovno znanih oseb:

»Marjetka’ love of the Angels is so apparent in all she achieves to awakens peoples consciousness to their unique splendor. What a wonderful gift the Angel Cards are to our daily practice of drawing these exquisite Light Beings to our spiritual ascendancy.«
- Stewart Pearce – Master Of Voice, Sound Healer, Angel Medium

»Thank you Marjetka. You were awesome, so on point. You are so humble. It’s awesome that you helped so many people, I hope more people in America get a chance to talk to you. I feel so happy.«
Thank you! Thanks for letting me participate!
- Evita Castine

»Marjetka has an outstanding connection with angels and is an excellent angelic teacher. You will enjoy her classes and workshops.«
- Diana Cooper, author of “Discover Atlantis”

»Marjetka s angel cards and book are jems. Her words touch the heart with pure sincerity. The angel pictures capture a tenderness that is infections. Beautiful works of love.«
 - Kimberly Marooney, autor of “Angel Blessings Cards”

»Marjetka’s Angel Cards are a gift from Heaven! These cards help you stay  focused on your goals and make you understand how blessed you really are in life! They are a great tool or resource for anyone’s personal growth
- Patrick Snow, Best-Selling Author of “Creating Your Own Destiny”

»I first began working with Marjetka Novak in my one-on-one intuitive development program, and I experienced the angelic beings she works with in a reading I did before I knew anything about her or the amazing work that she does. The angels she works with are very pure, real, and powerful, and her connection with them is astounding!
Marjetka is a truly gifted intuitive and healer. She brings clarity and compassion to each session, and is eager to not only reveal to her clients the truth about issues they are struggling with, but to heal them so that they can find more strength and inner peace. Not all intuitives are healers, but Marjetka is a natural.
I could not recommend her more highly, and working with her has proven to me that angels are here to help us, and the angelic realm really does exist.«
- Krisanti, Intuitive Consultant