The name Marjetka symbolises

What signifies and symbolizes the name MARJETKA / bride of the sun /

Marjetka (Daisy) is a lovely meadow flower, which symbolizes love, loyalty, Spring, excellence and virginity. Sometimes we also use a Daisy Flower as a prophecy that prophets lovers happiness or unhappiness in love. In all likelihood you have already picked Christian religion Daisy is Mary and a symbol of God’s bride, holiness and purity. Daisy with her magical powers is affecting the intuition and the ability to see clearly. People in the past believed that the beloved person is easiest to win during the meal if in the middle of the table is a vase with numerous Daisy flowers… Because of the shape of a flower, which very much resembles a bright sun, Marjetica (Daisy) is already in the 13th Century named ”sponsa solis” – Bride of the sun, now their flower opens only when the sun is shining. Renaissance poet Geoffrey Chaucer appointed Marjetica as a Eye of the Day, because it is reminiscent of Daisy – day’s eye . Marjetica significance in European art is very obvious. It can be found in the medieval illustrations of love poems and novels, in the Renaissance revival of art, baroque art and monuments of Christian art (Daisy is the bride of the sun – also has a significance in the Christian allegory – the sun is a symbol of Christ). Daisy is a symbol of faith, it may also symbolize purity, virginity and Mary’s holiness and excellence. Marjetica therefore embodies and symbolizes purity and perfection, honesty, and truth (art work by Gustav Klimt Gol, Truth). Symbolizes love and loyalty in the first place and also innocence, purity, and of course, the spring. Fragile Daisy is a symbol of spring from the old Greeks (antiquity) is a real contrast to steel, among which it lives and grows. (The symbolism of flowers, Ivo Germ).