Living a Life without Fear | Live without Fear

Go after what you really want with courage — and without stepping on anyone’s toes in the process.

It’s rare to come across a person who lives according to his own rules, without taking heed of other people’s feelings and how his actions affect others. In one way or another, everyone goes through life living according to the so-called standards of the people who matter to them.… read more »


Angels pictureRachmiel (mercy) – in rabbinic tradition, the angel of mercy (cf. Gabriel). He is also one of the 70 childbed amulet angels and an administering angel invoked in ceremonial rites. /Rf.Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 314; The Book of the Angel Raziel./ In Ozar Midrashim II, 316, Rachmiel is included among the angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.… read more »

Why angels channel pure divine light?

angel pictures Angels channel pure divine light without disruption and focus it on specific areas of their action via themselves. Because they live in different dimensions, their vibrations are much more refined than ours. Therefore, we usually do not see or hear them. When we connect with them, we slowly begin to recall who we are.… read more »