Tarot angel cards

Tarot Angel Cards will strengthen your intuition, rediscover some of your psychic abilities and at the same time strengthen your communication with angels by asking questions or pleading for help and guidance.

Every time you pull a card, you will awaken angel presence in your life and receive immediate message of angel love – that will direct you towards love for yourself and at the same time towards more loving relationships with other people.

Tarot Angel Cards are jems. Angel’s words will touch your heart with pure sincerity. These cards will bring answers to all the questions you have regarding yourself and others. Each time you pick an angelic card, you will receive a direct message of angelic love, awaken your psychic abilities and intuition. Beautiful angel pictures will fill your aura with angel healing energy.

Product Features:
★ Message of the day
★ Past, present, future
★ Choose between 3 different readings
★ You can read the full meaning of each card
★ Angel reading for yourself
★ Angel reading for another person
★ Some examples of asking question
★ Give readings anytime, anywhere on your device
★ 9 different languages

I own several decks of cards… Angel, dolphin and ascended master cards to name only a few. I downloaded the Angel Tarot and after seeing the past and present card…. I knew paying to unlock the Future card was a No Brainer! This deck is “spot on”! This app to me is the single most awesome app I own! I cannot possibly travel with all my decks but I sure can travel with this deck as my Kindle is always with me! The cards say it all…they do not lie! Best money I ever spent on an App!

Kim Williams