Privacy Policy

At we respect the privacy of our customers and people interested in our products and services. Due to the nature of communication between the customers and/or people interested, it is sometimes required to provide some personal information.

Collection of personal information
At website one can request additional information using various forms or can get in contact using e-mail. In these cases you are notified of what information is needed, what information you are to provide and what information you choose to provide, how this information will be used and how to request the removal of your personal information from our lists.

Usage and exposure of personal information
By providing us with your personal information using our forms on website you are allowing us to use your personal information for mentioned use (newsletter, contact forms, e-mail, promotional newsletters). The collected personal information will not be deliberately forwarded nor sold to a third party that could use the information to harm you or your well being. Though we can use, expose and store personal information when it is required by the law, when it is necessary to protect the information and yourself from potential bad intentions.

In most cases the collected personal information will be used solely by the to keep the customers informed about the possible development regarding the company itself.

Changes of this policy
This privacy policy regarding the collected personal information on is occasionally changed and updated. You are encouraged to read it every time you are to expose your personal information to us.