Channeling and Working with Angel Cards
Channeling and Working with Angel Cards Book’s author: Marjetka Novak Hardcover This is an excellent book for all those wish to learn how to work with angel cards and channeling angel messages.

  • What is psychic potential?
  • How will you set up angel readings?
  • Exercises for the opening of the third eye!

This is a book that is a course in one!

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Psychic Awakening with Angels The Secret of Psychic Awakening with Angels Book’s author: Marjetka Novak E-Book Finally, get the guidance for your business and life you was seeking so long time. »THE SECRET OF PSYCHIC AWAKENING WITH ANGELS« is indispensable guide for 30+ business women who are spiritual seeker and want to follow their angel guidance. Do you have hard time in your bussines and in your life …., then Marjetka Novak, experienced and recognized intuitive coach can help you listen your angel guidance and design your dream life. Do you want incredible fulfilling and successful career? Do you want to reach your fabulous goals and dreams! Seve time and money, read this book and start listening your angel guidance NOW. Your bussines and life wil blossom. You will always be in the right time on the right place and you will meat the right people and the right opportunities. You’ll learn:

  • How to awakening psychic abilitis
  • Freeing yourself from fear and doubt in order to psychic abilitis
  • Using chrystals when working with angel cards
  • Clear instructions for working and healing with angels
  • The secret how to make space clearing with angels for your working environment
  • Angel Story s and experiences
  • Practical exercises, meditation and prayer
  • How to make your own angel guidanc cards