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Marjetka’s love of the Angels is so apparent in all she achieves to awakens peoples consciousness to their unique splendor. What a wonderful gift the Angel Cards are to our daily practice of drawing these exquisite Light Beings to our spiritual ascendancy. – Stewart Pearce – Master Of Voice, SoundHealer, Angel Medium * * *




imagesCA1PXT0JMarjetka’s angel cards and book are gems. Her words touch the heart with pure sincerity. The angel pictures capture a tenderness that is infectious. Beautiful works of Love.” – Kimberly Marooney, author of “Angel Blessings” * * *






Thank you Marjetka. You were awesome, so on point. You are so humble. It’s awesome that you helped so many people, I hope more people in America get a chance to talk to you. I feel so happy. Thank you! Thanks for letting me participate! – Evita Castine * * *





Marjetka’s Angel Cards are a gift from Heaven! These cards help you stay focused on your goals and make you understand how blessed you really are in life! They are a great tool or resource for anyone’s personal growth library! – Patrick Snow, Best-Selling Author of “Creating Your Own Destiny” * * *






Marjetka has an outstanding connection with angels and is an excellent angel teacher. You will enjoy her courses and workshops. – Diana Cooper, author of the book “Discover Atlantis”






Read the thoughts of the participants of our workshops!

It is extremely interesting, inspiring, moral and exemplary course of education. I am very happy that I enrolled in this school. It outdid all my expectations. It did not take long for me to realize how effective it was. The results were surprisingly good that I am just too satisfied. Thanks Marjetka! Thanks, angels! – Brigita Lovec * * *

Thank you for sharing the angles with us. I will always pray for you and That God will continue to use you to build his mystical body. He has given you so many great gifts. May God Bless you! - Jane * * *

American like to hear native languages. Give us a couple words from Slovenia. Your cards are great! - Darcy * * *

Love the cards. My mom has some of these and we use them often for guidance and positive affirmations. Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful heart. You are real! You are gift. Thanks! - Melany  * * *

Dear Marjetka, thanks! Thanks for the miraculous experience I had at your school for angel therapists! Thanks Marjetka for the comfortable presence of the angels who, along with you, helped themselves become a part of my life. And thanks to the Creator for Marjetka! I now again believe in miracles. I believe in human good, happiness, fortune, joy and peace. I believe in love that is found in every moment within my heart. It has always been there all we had to do is to call upon from within our being. And for all this thank you angels! From the heart I congratulate you for a precise, exciting, different and unrecognizable New Year!! In short, may 2007 be an angelic year. Good luck! - Tatjana V. * * *

All the workshops on which I have been have truly surprised me. Even in those moments when I did not feel anything my life nonetheless changed step by step. I became more peaceful. Careless, successful and above all I started to feel true inner peace. I have also got to know a lot of new and interesting people. Each time I chose to attend a seminar or workshop it was definitely an excellent decision!! My life is flowing along peacefully and wealth is flowing along in all fields. I can only say honestly thank you for all the experiences and the attainment of knowledge. - Ana P. * * *

The school of angel therapists is something I would recommend to everyone. I myself have changed a lot, as has the world around me. I have learnt first and foremost to work with love in me. Miracles occur around me and I receive angel messages continuously. I have learnt to follow everything from a position of love and understanding. And financially the angels have supported me as well. I am aware that the angels are with me from the moment of my birth and with the help of Marjetka’s understanding and meditations I have been able to communicate with them. The decision to go to the school for angel therapists has proven phenomenal; in short, for a true angel decision. – Nevenka Lavrič * * *

Since I have started to meditate with the help of angels miracles have begun to occur and I have become a completely new person filled with joy, optimism, self-aware all due to the help of angels as my intuition became sharpened I now receive their messages in good faith. Everything that was bad in my life simply, and spontaneously, fell by the wayside before they could spread even further. As positive situations started occurring and instead of overtly critical and angry people coming into my life I started to meet caring and respectful people. I now know that in this work that occurred my guardian angel was present. I now look at life with faith in my heart as the angels have shown that in every moment they are prepared to help and guide me through life. I experienced the workshop Manifesting Wealth with the Help of Archangels at a quite intense level, as the atmosphere was fantastic and all the time I saw and felt the presence of angels and Master St Germaine. I also saw how all our wishes were be fulfilled if they were either honest, of good intent or at one with God’s will. It was a fantastic experience. Marjetka, you’re a wonderful person, THANK YOU, I will also always be grateful to God for bringing me to you and the angels. Continue to be happy and surrounded with the angels. Thanks to all the angels, archangels and Ascended Masters. - Lea O. * * *

krishantiI first began working with Marjetka Novak in my one-on-one intuitive development program, and I experienced the angelic beings she works with in a reading I did before I knew anything about her or the amazing work that she does. The angels she works with are very pure, real, and powerful, and her connection with them is astounding! Marjetka is a truly gifted intuitive and healer. She brings clarity and compassion to each session, and is eager to not only reveal to her clients the truth about issues they are struggling with, but to heal them so that they can find more strength and inner peace. Not all intuitives are healers, but Marjetka is a natural. I could not recommend her more highly, and working with her has proven to me that angels are here to help us, and the angelic realm really does exist. - Krisanti * * *


The Time is Now to Promote Your Book www.SuperiorBookPromotions.com Review of Channeling and Working with Angel Cards by Marjetka Novak Angel cards are not as well known in the United States as tarot cards or psychic hotlines, yet Marjetka Novak knows a great deal about the healing powers of Angel cards, and how they can bring direction to a person’s life.

Already popular in Europe, Marjetka Novak is now bringing her Angel cards to the United States along with the publication in English of her course book “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards.” Marjetka Novak is well known in Slovenia, Italy, and England for her workshops about Angels and how to channel Angels using Angel cards to bring you guidance.

Marjetka was born in 1955 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the manager of Center Sospita Rea Silvia, k.d. As a trained therapeutic healer with seventeen years of experience in the area of alternative medicine, she runs many workshops on channeling, Angel therapy and energy. With different techniques and a high level of innate intuition, she is awakening her participants’ healing abilities and supporting them in attaining positive changes in their lives. She is fully devoted to her work and feels obligated continually to develop herself both personally and spiritually. American readers will welcome Marjetka’s knowledge of Angels, how to communicate with them and how to channel energy for healing.

Besides reading “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards,” readers will want to get a set of her colorful Angel cards to use for meditation, ask Angels for advice, and perform Angel card readings for others. The cards have elegant illustrations of different Angels such as the “Angel of Inner Worth” and the “Angel of Manifestation” and they provide affirmations and advice when we ask a question of the Angels.

Anyone interested in Angels will enjoy reading “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards.” Several processes of meditation are provided in the book, leading the reader through prayers and processes to communicate with Angels. In addition, Marjetka discusses how to care for Angel cards and how to prepare oneself properly for reading them. Beyond just Angel cards, Marjetka Novak provides a great deal of information about channeling and the definitions of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and intuition.

Marjetka discusses how people channel on different levels, explaining that a person’s abilities will determine how much information and what level of information he is able to channel. She says everyone has psychic potential available to them and Angel cards can help awaken that potential. While some may be sceptical, the amount of detail she includes provides credibility.

As an added bonus, Marjetka has included a section on using Angelic crystals from “Angel crystal—Skeleton quartz” by Marijan Turnšek. The reader is warned about the power of Angelic crystals and how they will reveal truths about people, especially faults and weaknesses, but these revelations allow people the opportunity for self-improvement. Many details are provided about crystals, how to apply them to the body, and how they can be used to assist in meditation.

Marijan states: “Angelic crystals have the special power of healing people who repress their feelings or are emotionally oversensitive. When we learn to express our feelings the same moment we are aware of them, we are free from their burden and can attain an open heart and light spirit.”

“Channeling and Working with Angel Cards” is a perfect book for anyone interested in Angels, anyone interested in spirituality, and for people seeking direction in life. Marjetka warns us Angels cannot tell us the future because we have Free Will, but Angels will give us information to guide us toward opening our hearts and living life fully wisely.

I hope Marjetka will soon have more of her books translated into English to educate us further about Angels.

More information about her work can be found at www.svetangelov.com.

Marjetka Novak’s Angel Cards are available on Amazon.com and her book “Channeling and Working with Angel Cards” will also soon be available there.

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of The Marquette Trilogy